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Controversial bill to lower age for sex consent rejected

The Kenyan National Assembly has introduced an amendment to the Sexual Offenses Act seeking to reduce the age of consent from 18 year to 16. Photo: Courtesy

Technology-Assisted Violence Against Women may soon end in Kenya

From Left: Anthony Wafula, Programmes Officer - Kenya Media Programme at Hivos, Dr. Katherine Getao, ICT Secretary ,Mrs Elsy Sainna, Deputy Executive Director - ICJ Kenya during the launch of the policy brief titled Ending Technology-Assisted Violence Against Women (TAVAW). Photo: Courtesy

Nominated MCA champions for women rights in Kisumu County

Hon Farida Salim, nominated MCA, Kisumu County Assembly champions for women’s rights. Photo:Kenya Woman Correspondent

From being a great mobiliser, it’s time for Leah Mumo to take Harambee Ward

Leah Mumo Matee, Nominated Member of Nairobi County Assembly. She will be contesting for the Harambee Ward in Makadara Constituency. Photo: Courtesy

Maria Mbeneka at the top

Maria Mbeneka, the Vice President of the East African Law Society. She is the second woman to hold the Vice President’s  seat since Raychelle Omamo, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Defense. Photo Courtesy

Second female Vice President of the East Africa Law Society

Maria Mbeneka: Photo Courtesy

Pokot elder becomes an anti FGM crusader

Anti FGM Board chief executive officer Bernadette Loloju (right) joins reformed circumcisers during a declaration ceremony to denounce Female Genital Mutilation in West Pokot. Inset: William Lopetakou Photos: Diana Kendi

Govt on the spot as women languish in jail over petty offenses

Esther Bett, Deputy RODI-Kenya CEO during the launch of the Audit report. Photo: Waikwa Maina