Saved from abusive father, mentally handicapped women now have to deal with rapists

mentally handicapped women now have to deal with rapists
mentally handicapped women now have to deal with rapists

Six mentally challenged women have been rescued from their home in Wangige where they have allegedly been facing constant sexual abuse from their father and other men.

The six aged between 10 and 30 have all allegedly been victims of rape, first by their father, then recently by other men from the locality.

According to David Gachuruba, a member of community policing from Kabete, four of the women are sisters while the other two are daughters of one of the four sisters.

“One of the girls is pregnant as a result of the rape by her father, none of them can coherently explain what has been taking place but we thought it wise to seek help to move the family out of the area,” said Gachuruba.

He said since the girls’ father arrest, some unknown men have been raiding the home to rape the mentally challenged women in turns.

“Strange men have been going to the house at night, demanding for money from the family, and then declare that since the family has no money to pay them, their penance will be to be raped until their debt has been repaid,” explains Gachuruba.

The community policing agent has sought the help of the Kiambu County Women Representative, Hon Annah Nyokabi in his bid to rescue the family.

“One of the girls has already been impregnated by the father,” Gachuruba notes.

The girls’ mother, who is also mentally unstable, says their father threatened to kill her if she ever revealed to anyone about the heinous acts.

Kiambu Women Representative Annah Nyokabi condemned the heinous acts and said that she felt there was need to move them as they were still prone to abuse if they remained in their current home.

“It is unfortunate that any person would choose to abuse these girls because just because they do not know whether what is being done to them is a crime or not,” says Nyokabi.

Together with her colleagues, Nyokabi says they are championing for the establishment of gender based violence recovery centres across the 47 counties to guarantee GBV survivors safety.

“Victims and survivors of gender based violence need to have a place where they can be accommodated when they escape from abuse. We need to champion for resources to establish these centres,” says Nyokabi.


She challenged members of the society to look out for one another especially the vulnerable groups amid growing cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The six girls, who were taken to Kiambu Level Four Hospital where they were treated and discharge, tested positive for HIV.

The hospital’s medical superintendent Dr David Kariuki said they were not admitted since there were no ‘serious injuries’ on them. “The six underwent various tests such as pregnancy and HIV among others,” the doctor said. He also noted that the victims would undergo counselling.