Battered housewife breaks silence

Maureen Kadogo Oduori recounts her experience in the hands of an abusive husband in Bulukhiro village, Busia County. Photo: Nyakwar Odawo
Maureen Kadogo Oduori recounts her experience in the hands of an abusive husband in Bulukhiro village, Busia County. Photo: Nyakwar Odawo

Barely a year and a half into her marriage, 22 year old Maureen Kadogo Oduori, cannot help but recount her ordeal in the hands of an abusive husband in their home in Bulukhiro village, Busia County.

She says that she had to deliver her child prematurely after her husband beat her senseless, forcing her to go into labour.

“I developed labour pains and neighbours who came to my rescue rushed me to the nearby Ruambwa Health centre in Siaya County, on the same day for an emergency treatment.”

The medics at the health facility promptly attended to her but when they realized she had complications and urgently needed an emergency operation, they referred her to Siaya County referral hospital since the hospital did not have a theatre.

Unfortunately, the theatre at Siaya County referral hospital was not operational as machines had broken down.

Kadogo sought for assistance at the Bondo district hospital, where she was finally operated on. “I was later discharged and I had to go back to home.”

Cries of Agony

Upon recovery, she reported the matter at Ruambwa police patrol base where she was told to go back to Ruambwa Health Centre and be issued with a P3 form to determine the degree of injuries sustained so that the man could be arrested and charged before a court of law with assault.

However my dad, Samuel Oduori advised me to ignore the P3 form saying God himself will punish him for the wrongs he had done to me.

Kadogo says that the husband has on several occasions threatened to stab her with a knife during their stay together in Uganda for no apparent reason at all.

The joy of giving birth to a bouncing baby girl was however short lived when my husband, a fisherman at Masuria Island in Uganda arrived home totally drunk and treated me to a hostile reception.

“Since I was too weak to do anything by myself, I decided to call my aunt to come to my house and help prepare food for me. She responded and within an hour’s time, she had prepared supper for me and then went back to her home with the promise that she would return to attend to me the following morning.”

Kadogo says that the following morning, her husband left without a word and because her aunt had delayed coming, she gathered strength and managed to prepare breakfast for herself because she was feeling hungry.

She says that as soon as she had finished preparing breakfast, the husband came back but this time furious and started hurling insults on her.

“I sneaked out of the house and managed to alert my dad who sent my aunt to find out what was happening.”

On spotting my aunt, he left but he refused to give money to buy food, but fortunately my caring dad had given my aunt some money with which to buy food for me.

Threats to stab me with a knife

My husband returned home at around 6pm totally drunk and ate all the food my auntie had prepared for me, but when I complained he started beating me mercilessly.

In order to save my dear life, I ran away leaving behind my child and clothes and had to seek refuge in my parents home.

She sought the help of her elder brother who accompanied her to the house where she managed to take the child and her belongings.

“We were lucky because when we arrived at the home, he had already gone out on a drinking spree. I took my child and clothes and returned to my parents’ home where I am staying at the moment,” concludes Kadogo.